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Relationship Structure Question

Question asked by j.hall on Sep 4, 2014
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Relationship Structure Question


ok, so I'm working on building a new Schema for a manufacturing system to operate inside of.

Currently, they are in a very very very messy Relationship Graph that has almost everything associated to one of two tables. But it's a complete mess. I'm trying to give it a better structure so the database can do more of the work and less scripts can be used.

I have a structure that I'm trying to center on. So I'm basically asking to poke holes in my thinking, or to verify it, or tweak it.

I have attached a picture of the Relationship Graph in Question.

The question is I'm starting to think that I should use the Job ID for everything under the Jobs table. And not link the Individual Table IDs. But, I don't have anyone to discuss the structure with, So I'm bothering all of you with it.