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Relationship Tables fields won't populate information

Question asked by mcd on Jun 23, 2010
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Relationship Tables fields won't populate information


I use FileMaker 11.

I have Windows XP. 

I've used Filemaker 6 and 7 for 10 years, but very new at developing a database. 


My goal is to track donor gifts and spending - the amount donated, the amount spent with a subtotal for each donor.  Then I need a grand total for the overall donations.


I created a relationship database for tracking donors gifts and spending of the gift $s.

I built three related tables.

          Donor (name, ID and gift total)

          Gift (date, amount, gift id, donorIDfk)

          Transfer (Transfer amount, Transfer purpose, JV, GiftIDfk)

Donor Table           Gift Table                      Transfer Table

Donor ID..............<Donor IDfk

                                 Gift ID.........................<GiftIDfk


In Layout mode, I created the fields

I imported the information from an excell file.


The only fields I can populate (Target fields) are in the Donor Table. I can't select the gift table or the transfer table  in the drop down menu for Target - it's not available. 


 I would input the data into the other fields from related tables, but I can't tab or insert the curser in the fields that are from the other two tables.



How do I access the other tables to input data? OR, how do I setup the field so it will take the data and populate the table - shoudl I have built separate databases?  I thought 11 got us away from that.