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Relationship to filter ids from value list

Question asked by deathrobot on Jun 4, 2014
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Relationship to filter ids from value list


     I have the following tables:

     PROJECTS ---> TEAM <--- People
             id              id_Projects       id

     On the Projects table layout is a portal showing team members (Team::id_People). When clicking on this field, there is a drop-down list which shows all the id's in the People table. The only problem is that I can add the same id to the Project multiple times. I'd like to alter the value list so it doesn't show people already related to that project.

     Is there a relationship I can set up to create a value list of all People::id's EXCEPT those that are related to the current Project::id via the Team join table?


     that it shows all the people id's EXCEPT for those already related to the Project via the Team table.