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Relationship to filter views between two tables.

Question asked by sccardais on Sep 15, 2014
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Relationship to filter views between two tables.


I want to create a subset list of Users based on two tables:

  • Users (List of all past and present customers, trial subscribers)
  • Surveys (list of all Users who have completed a Satisfaction survey)

The two can be linked by UserID. Starting with the Users table, I want to filter out the people who have completed a Survey within the past 12 months. The Survey Date is in the Surveys table.

How can I filter my view to see only Users that have not completed a Survey in the previous 12 months? Can this be done with a simple relationship between the two tables? How would it be structured?

The ultimate goal is to create a new list each month that filters the Users list to omit Users who have submitted Suveys in the previous 12 months and further filters the list by other criteria that I know how to do.