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Relationship to self: How to avoid a new record appears in the LOV?

Question asked by Donovan_1 on Apr 11, 2014
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Relationship to self: How to avoid a new record appears in the LOV?


     I have a table with a field that refers to itself:

     - keyID (Serial number)
     - name
     - parentKeyID

     In the relationship graph I have duplicated Table1 to Table1LOV.

     I created a value list with

     1st field: Table1LOV::keyID
     2n field: Table1LOV::name
     Include related values starting from: Table1

     The relationship between Table1 and Table1LOV is:

     Table1.keyID <> Table1LOV.keyID

     The idea is that if you create a new record, you do not see that new record in the LOV, otherwise you could choose the record itself as its parent.

     I can't get that to work. The LOV shows the current record as well, although it has not been committed yet.

     As soon as I commit, that value disappears from the LOV, so the idea is working, but not for new records.

     I think that is rather weird, because reasoning like FM, I would start at Table1 and find my uncommitted record. From there I'd go to Table1LOV and find all records that do not match the record in Table1. And I do find that new record!

     So that means the new record must be in Table1LOV, otherwise it would not appear at all in the LOV. But at the same time it is not in Table1, although these are the same tables!

     So FM takes the current uncommitted record from Table1 and then goes to Table1LOV and finds all records that have Table1LOV::keyID <> Table1::keyID. And this includes the record that have not been created yet?

     Is there a way that I can create the LOV so that the current value does not appear?