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Relationship trouble...

Question asked by karyanr on Feb 19, 2015
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Relationship trouble...


 I am obviously a newbie...I am building a clinical solution to reduce a convoluted flowchart into a scripted animation of Boolean responses, that when finished will guide blood bank technologists through the process of antibody identification (using Antigen-Plus).

I have 3 tables; one table called Antibodies which uses a serial number as the primary key and contains an attribute field called "Significance" which is Boolean Yes/No. I have another table called Antibody Identification, which is the 'meat & potatoes' of the script, wherein the technologist selects the antibody(ies) from a value list created from the first table, using a Specimen ID# as the primary key. Between these tables is a join table called antibody occurance.

Problem: I don't know how to make the attribute "significance" attach to the antibody(ies) selected FROM Antibodies but displayed IN Antibody Identification. I wrote a very long and clunky calculation that does the trick, but I know in my bones that there is a better way. How does the creation of a new record in a parent table lead to the creation of subordinate records in the join table?