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    Relationship Troubles



      Relationship Troubles


           I'm having trouble grasping some of the relationship issues.  I am trying to create the layout for the image attached.  The Stylename and photo come from the Products Table.  The 3 different fabrics come from the Fabrics Table. The nail photo come from the Nail Table and the wood sample comes from the Wood Finish Table.  None of these tables join together.  I'm not sure how to get them on the same layout. Would it be as follows:


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               It appears Fabric, WoodFinish, nails are the Raw materials used for manufacturing the product.One raw materia - say specific fabric can be used in different prodcut. With this concept, create jointable for Product_RawMaterials. Then on layout based on Products table, place the photos of  fabric/wood finish and so on. Based on application requirement  you will have to build functionality to add records to this join table.

               If fabrics is single table, you can add Fabric1ID, Fabric2ID, Fabric3ID fields in join table.