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    Relationship Troubles



      Relationship Troubles


           This should be very easy...

           I have a number of tables, such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, returns etc. I am creating a main layout where I can see key summary information, such as under the Purchase Orders section, a list of all open purchase orders. Under ToDo, a list of open ToDo items. 

           The layout being used is based on the Admin Table, which mainly contains container fields for the various logos etc. In order to have a portals displayed on this page (showing Open Purchase Orders) I created a Global field (Admin_PO_Open) under Admin table and set the value to Open. Next I create a Relationship from Purchase:Purchase_Status to Admin:Admin_PO_Open. 

           The problem is that when I select a portal, it tells me there are "No Related Tables". What am I missing??? All I am trying to do is show a list of open POs.

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               I think it all depends on exactly how the relationships are set up, and how you set up the GTRR.  "No Related Tables" would seem to point to a missing or incorrect relationship set up.

               Can you post a pic of your Relationships tab in Manage Database, and may a pic or description of the relationships?

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                 Thanks. The Admin table is not really used for anything. Currently it hold loads of Global fields for the various icons (so I can change them globally throughout all layouts). To get it to display the Purchase Orders, I haste a Global Field called Dashboard_PurchaseOrders and it contains the value Open. I then have a relationship linking this to Purchase_Status. The idea being that I can then have a portal showing all Open Purchase orders.

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                   Then you should be able to set up a portal to PurchaseOrders_DashboardOpen from a layout based on Srvr_Admin 2.