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Relationship via portal help

Question asked by vizbanana on Nov 12, 2008
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Relationship via portal help




I'm trying to setup an inventory database for where I work. I have 2 DB already setup, I have "Users" and "Hardware". The 2 DBs are then integrated into 1 DB file via Tables/Relationships.


Here's how I have it setup as.


I have a layout that contains data from the "Users" DB and a portal that displays data from the "Hardware" DB.




The issue is, when I remove a "Hardware" from a "User" using the portal, it deletes the record from the "Hardware" DB to which I don't want and i want to keep it in the inventory in case I need to re-deploy it to an new user.


now my question is,


How can I keep the record from getting deleted from the "Hardware" DB when it is removed from the user via the portal?


I hope I explained ok.


Thanks in advance.