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Relationship with a Save historical data

Question asked by Edward"Budge"Harvey on Jun 11, 2012
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Relationship with a Save historical data


I am usning FileMakerPro v12 and I need to create a relational databse so one file can have a list of products and prices.  In a second file I want to have invoices that includes a place to enter a product and the price automatically populates.  The issue I have and need to change is that if the price in the first file changes in the future I do not want every old invlice to show the new price but the price should be unchanged from when it was first listed.  Currently everytime I adjust a price in the price file it triggers a change on every invoice in the invoice file.  A second consequence is that if someone changes a price on a populated invoice it changes the price back in the products file which then changes all occurences on every invoice with that item.  I need to set the relationship so it is not doing this.  Any suggestions appreciated.