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    Relationship with non-index(able) field



      Relationship with non-index(able) field


      I migrated some data into MySQL - works great.

      I still need some calulation fields with that data, so I made a FM database that is related to the MySQl table - works great.


      However, I now need to use the data in one of those calculation fields to make a relation to another table (so the calc would be in the child table, which doesn't work.)

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          Yep, ustored/unindexed fields can only be used as keys in the parent table and result in "one-way" relationships. (From the parent table you can reference records in the child table, but you can't use such a relationship to reference parent records from the child table.)


          You will have to design a work-around. Either you implement a method that copies the data into a stored/indexed data field or you come up with a design that doesn't need the calculation. Keep in mind that since filemaker relationships can use operators other than = and can be defined with multiple fields, the calculation you couldn't use may not be needed.


          If you have to physically copy the unstored calculation result, to a stored data field, you'll have to also design code that automatically updates this field when the unstored calc returns a different value. Depending on the design/purpose of your database this can be either a very simple or nearly impossible task.