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Relationship? Report? or something else entirely?

Question asked by MelodyLauer on Mar 22, 2011
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Relationship? Report? or something else entirely?


I run registration for classes wherein we give discounts to law enforcement and military personnel. When people call to register for a class I have field wherein I can check off whether an individual is an officer or in the military, but when I generate a Attendee List (or Sign in Sheet) for the class I have no record of that person being law enforcement or military unless I go back through each "contact" individually and see whether or not I checked them off as being either.

I used a standard FMP registration database template when I got started so a lot of things were already done for me.

There are three tables; Contacts, Events and Registration.

I want to be able to mark off whether someone is a law enforcement officer of military on their Contacts page and have it indicated on the Event's "View Attendee List" which is a report.

I have tried making a new relationship but I must not be doing something right because it's not showing up.

Any help anyone can offer would be great.

This is what it looks like in the "Contact Form"

As you can see, both "Veteran" and "LEO" are checked off.

I've registered Bill Smith for a Class and that looks like this......

Now when I go up to the upper right and click on "View Attendee List" this is what comes up...

As you can see, "Veteran" and "LEO" are no longer checked off and I want them to be.. How?