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      I am trying to make a database which has 7 different databases that are all linked by a common value, Medical Record Number.  I am trying to use the database in a way in which if I start a record on Database 1 and entere a MRN number, it will create a medical record number in the other 6 databases.  By doing this it will ensure that the user is entering data for just that individual under that particular MRN number in all the databases.


      Is this possible, and if so, how do I go about doing this?  Right now I have to create a new record in each database everytime I want to enter data and I also have to re-enter the MRN number.  Ideally I would like to have to enter the MRN number just once and it will be tehre on the subsequent databases.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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             Doesnt really seem to make sense to have 7 dbs all have the same info...
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               Agreed, if the info in each DB is the same, there is a problem in your design.  Otherwise, link the dbs by the MRN, and enable 'Allow creation of records' in the relationship definitions.  Then, whenever you enter data in the fields from the other related dbs placed on the layout for the main db, will automatically create records and place the data in them.
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              Howdy shaha1987,


              I'm going to restate your post in different terms that I think will point at the answer you are looking for.  I've made some assumptions, so please point out any "no go's" for your application that I stumble into.


              You want to make a database which has ONE TABLE that seven different PEOPLE can access to put in information.  Each of those seven PEOPLE have various levels of access to input information so you want seven different LAYOUTS based on that one table.  You also want to adjust access priveleges on each account to control which layout people can see and modify the fields within.


              Now when you enter an MRN...it's all one record per patient.


              How did I do at guessing?


              Edit:  mr_vodka and etripoli beat me to it...but the three answers are pretty consistent, no?

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                Depending on how you set up your layouts, there's a simple relationship option that may do what you want very simply.


                I'm assuming that you have 1 master table and six different tables of related records all related by a medical record number that functions as the primary key in your master table.


                In each relationship, you can set an option to "Allow creation of records via this relationship". Select this option for each of the 6 related tables. (Open Manage Database | Relationships and double-click the line linking the tables).


                Now, if you display the records from each of your related tables in portals on layouts based on the master table, simply entering data into the portal fields will automatically create a new record and automatically enter the same medical record number as that entered the current record's medical record number field.


                That work for you?

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                  PhilModJunk, I think you have answered my question.  Sorry for the confusion.  Each database has different fields.  The only recurring one in all 7 is MRN to tie them together via a relationship.  The reason I am keeping them separate is to not bombard the user with numerous fields, but to guide them through each layout so as to ensure each field is filled out and not skipped.


                  Thank you for all your responses.  If you think there is a better way of setting this database up please let me know as I am open to suggestions.  I appreciate all the help being offered.

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                       I checked off the option of "allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" but it still won't create a new record in the related table.  Am I doing something wrong?
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                      The related record will be created when you start to enter data in the blank, bottom row of a portal that uses the same relationship. Is that what you are trying to do?


                      Also, make sure that you've selected the correct check box in the relationship dialog box. It should be selected for the same table occurrence as the portal.

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                        shaha1987 wrote:

                         The reason I am keeping them separate is to not bombard the user with numerous fields, but to guide them through each layout so as to ensure each field is filled out and not skipped.

                        This by itself is not sufficient reason to have separate tables. If all these fields are describing ONE thing, they should be in the same table (of Things). You can have as many layouts as you want for this table, and walk the user through them.



                        However, you should definitely have related tables for fields that describe MULTIPLE things (for example, many examinations of the same patient). Even then Filemaker will not automatically create an empty examination record  for every new patient - nor would you want this to happen, because a patient can also have zero examinations. Records are created when you have some information for them to hold.