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      hey. it's been a quite while since my last post.

      I have a database, in which i store meeting information. main fields are - date, time and info.

      as i have many records in the database using the same date, i want to set up a layout, in which i have drop down calendar, and, when i pick up the particular date, it switches to that date and shows up all meetings in that date.

      i first tried to create new table with only one field - date [and use that for drop down calendar]. i related it to meeting::date. but whenever i placed it on the layout, it returned me with a message "No records are present". How do i get this working right? maybe i don't even need a separate table?

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          You don't need a separate table.  If you want a dedicated 'Review' layout then you could have a global field gDateToFilter and relate that by a self-relationship to the same table gDateToFilter::Date.  You can format the gDateToFilter as a pop-up calendar.  Choosing a date will filter the portal (sorry - forgot to mention the portal based on that relationship) to show you any date.

          Make sure that both fields are set to return 'date' values.

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            Using the same global filed SorbsBuster describes, you can also write a script that uses that selected date to perform a find for your records. With that approach, you use a list or table view layout to list your records and no relationship is required. Either way works, so use the approach you prefer...

            Enter Find Mode []
            Set Field [Meetings::MeetingDate ; Meetings::gDateToFilter ]
            Set Error capture [on]
            Perform Find []

            This script should be performed on a layout based on your meetings records.