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Question asked by SteveMartino on May 16, 2012
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Hi, I hope someone can help with my database & relationships (for a service business)

I have my database set up with multiple tables, and a relationship that doesnt appear to be working properly.

Layout 1 has all basic customer info

Layout 2 (second table) has all the customers equipment

When making the relationship, I linked "customer last name' & customer first name labels to Layout #2.  Then I imported all the info from layout 1 to populate it.

The problem is, when I add a new customer to Layout 1, they dont appear in Layout 2.  I thought that linking the last names would serve as my key, which is obviously wrong. 

Do I need to give each customer a unique customer id to make this work?

Or would it be better to keep all the info on one master layout, and create different layouts to view either delivery info or equipment info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated