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Question asked by DONGERSHBERG on May 26, 2012
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i have three tables in my database which are clients ; progress notes and billing. there are many progress note records for each client. there is one billing record for every progress note. i have a unique serial number for each client and a unique serial number for each note record.  i still dont understand how to create relationships correctly. as of now i have all three tables linked on the last name field. this is allowing me to display fields from clients on both of the other tables. i would like to also display fields from progress notes on billing but cant seem to do that without destroying the relationship between clients and billing. i would like to be able to enter new records into the billing table from the notes form. when i try to display the note id on the billing table with the current relational strucuture i dont get the unique note id , instead i get the first note id for that client and it repeats for every entry for that client. likewise if i try to display the correspoding billing record for the session note i can only get the first date. not the corresponding record. i am sure i dont have the relational structure correct. when i was using ms access i could get this stuff with this its not so intuitive.