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      I have three tables: Table1 is the parent table to Table2, and Table2 is the parent to Table3. I have a form based on Table3 and I can include fields from Table1 and Table3 but not Table2 - !!! Any thoughts as to why?

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          Not without knowing the details of how you set up your relationships.

          Care to upload a screen shot of Manage | database | Relaitonships cropped to just show the relationships for these three tables?

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            Here's a screen shot - I've even tried creating a lookup field in the Buyer table that looksup values in the execution table

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              No screen shot is visible. Did you use the controls below Post A Answer to upload it? Was it a file of type jpg, gif or png. A file of any other type will appear to upload but nothing will appear in your post.

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                Sorry about that - let's try it again :)

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                  So Table 1 is CaseInformation, Table 2 is ExecutionInfo and table 3 is BuyerInfo.

                  BuyerInfo is not a child record of ExecutionInfo.

                  ExecutionInfo is a child of both CaseInformation and BuyerInfo--serving as a "join" table between the two to facilitate a "many to many" relationship.

                  Note the "crows feet" on the ExecutionInfo side of the reltionship between it and BuyerInfo.

                  This indicates that a given record may match to more than one record in ExecutionInfo. If you place a field from ExecutionInfo on your BuyerInfo layout, you'll see data from the "first" related record in ExecutionInfo. This may or may not be the record you want, the field could even be empty for that record.

                  Note that a field from CaseInformation will also be listed as the first related record, in this case, the first related CaseInformation record linked to the first related ExecutionInfo record.

                  I suggest adding a portal to ExecutionInfo to your layout and placing your fields from ExecutionInfo inside the row of this portal. That way you can inspect all the records that are currently linked to your current BuyerInfo record.

                  If you intended to state that BuyerInfo is table 1 and caseInformation is Table 3, what I've said may still be true and you should still try out the portal to see if what it shows you.

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                    Is it possible to add just a field?

                    The layout looks like a letter, therefore in the text I want to be able to add: "this is an example of the text and I want " <<to::AddAField>>

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                      I think you need to back up and describe what it is you have and what you want to do in terms of the actual table occurrence names used in your screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships.

                      Without a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, any suggestion I make could far too easily fail to work for you.