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Question asked by tays01s on Nov 14, 2012
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     I'm not quite getting them! See attach diagram.

     Ignore 'Front'. I'm just using this as an index of buttons to go to other layouts. I assume it could simply be a layout and doesn't need a separate table (I was hedging my bets!).

     Main point:

     - Patients: I will have several falling into 'active', 'non-active' and 'all' filter categories.

     - Prescription: Several per patient.

     - Records: Several per Prescription.

     Records has a lot of fields arranged in a column next to the related prescription column. For this reason, I was aiming to have a pop-up of patient names on Records. Once a patient name was chosen a pop-up next to it would be filled with the prescription dates for that patient (ie. contextual).


     However, these pop-ups aren't populating despite apparent relationships and use of value lists from related tables.

     a) I assume I'm getting something fundamentally wrong re. relationships; what?

     b) FM solutions commonly appear to pull child table data onto 'parent layouts' using portals. I've kept to an individual layout per table because I was attempting to stay within iPhone size layouts and 'Records' has many fields and field names are relatively long compared to the numeric data entry. Is there a better solution.