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Question asked by neil45156 on Nov 29, 2012
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     I am trying to create a relationship between 4 tables in FM12. I have one table called Type with a value field holding a list of cars, ie ford, nissan, etc. The other table called Range contains a value field holding a list of the sports, exc, 4 wheel, and the 3rd table Product Name has a value list field of focus, fiesta, etc.

     What I am trying to do is add these to another Table called Order. I want the end users to be able to select the Type dropdown list and then the range, product name automatically gets selected. For example, if they choose Ford, the Range would show sports in the range dropdown, and focus in the productt name dropdown. If they chose Nissan the Nissan cars would show up, etc.

     Is this possible and if so is there an example somewhere I could follow?