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Question asked by Kirk_1 on Apr 13, 2015
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I need help understanding relationships.

I have an invoice table, with several portals.

I have a what if table, based on the invoice table but, I've switched all of the fields to the new table.

I need some of the info in the invoice portals to import from the invoice to the new table. EX: descriptions...

I created a relationship in the new table to populate the descriptions.

I used the same id from both tables.. the invoice number. Because of the relationship i created, it populated the description portal. I did not duplicate the descriptions, i used the description id's. I thought i was smart and went about my merry way.

I have a rate program. The rate program would not work on some of the invoices. It found multiple descriptions where there was only one.

Is this because there are multiple relationships????

How do I track it down and fix it?

I can do it by hand (long script that adds a number to the description id to both tables and creates that tables own descriptions)

Any ideas?