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Question asked by fileseek on Nov 11, 2008
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Relationships & globals - how to use for quoting interface?



I have been studying FileMaker and I have successfully created some tables, relationships, scripts, layouts for a small database.

Now I want to do something more complex (trying from scratch) and I am stuck. Please help!


I am attaching a screenshot of my current (test) database.

I am trying to create a quoting interface (layout and calculations).

As you can see in the diagram I have a Hotels, Rooms, Periods and RoomRates table.

These work fairly well with the current relationships, I have a Room Rates layout where I can enter all rates for each hotel.

[a "roomrate" is unique combination of hotel, period (periods differ for each hotel) and room type (room types differ for each hotel, that's why this setup) ]


I have also created for now a Quotes table, with global fields.


Here's where I have trouble:


Global fields:

- where do I put them (in separate Quotes table or in existing table)?

   At the moment I don't need to save quotes, just to calculate them and then merge them in letters/emails.


- how do I use them & what further relationships do I need to setup?


What I want to accomplish:

1. User selects hotel (from a drop-down ideally, or a portal)

2. Rooms of that hotel are shown in a portal

3. User selects specific room

4. User enters dates for booking (start/end dates)

5. Total is calculated (based on the room type & period)

    (other amounts will be calculated too, but if I get one right, then I can do the calculations for the rest)


How can the user select the hotel & then select the room?

I sense that the solution relies on globals, but I have been trying things I got messed up.

If I have a layout showing records from Quotes, the rooms don't work, if I show from RoomRates, something else doesn't work...

I have looking at this for too long and now it all looks fuzzy!


Please, any help will be appreciated.


(I use FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, on WinXP)


tables & relationship diagram