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Question asked by JoshuaGagnon on Mar 18, 2015
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Relationships & Mirroring Records


Hi Everyone,



I am pretty new to Filemaker and while i've been doing OK (thanks in part to this forum!) setting up our new database after taking over a position that had not updated the database records or the software for almost 5 years (it was a mess) I'm once again stuck.

I work for a year-round education program that works with students in schools. Our "main" database is entitled UBData that has our student contact information as well as information we need to report in our annual performance review. What I am working on now, is creating a second database for our summer program.

I'd like to create a relationship between the UBData and Summer2015 Databases where I can pull all relevant personal information (name, address, phone, etc.) from UBData into Summer2015. In UBData I have a studentIDKey that is assigned when a new record is added. I'd like to link the two databases using the studentIDKey and grabbing information for students if the field "Summer Status" is "Active."

I realize this is a large question and I have tried to search the forum and use the "missing manual" that we have but it still seems to be over my head. Thanks.