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Question asked by HB on Jan 5, 2012
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Relationships & repeating fields


For each item in a repeating field, I need to show uptodate data in a related table that will only have one record for each of these items.


In more detail, I have a premade database system (very complicated, one that I cannot delete its design - only add features & fields & tables etc). Among many others, it contains:

File called Data01 containing a Table WO, which contains Fields WONum &  PartNum(10)  (10 max repeating fields)

File called Data02 containing a Table PC, which contains Fields PartNum(1) & Loc

File called WO containing Layout WO.


In Layout WO, I have inserted the field Partnum(10), so for each WO, it shows the PartNum(s)

& I want it to show the location which is in Data02 for each as well.


I tried lookup fields, but it doesn't stay up to date if the data in Data02 changes.


I tried to setup relationships too, but when I insert the Location field into the layout, it only allows for 1 repeating field max. & the data is empty.


Please help me establish the correct relationship.


Thanks in advance.