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Relationships again

Question asked by ultranix on Aug 18, 2012
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Relationships again


Nothing really fancy, but simple relationships and table occurencies question once again.

I created table "Prizes", which will consist of rewards that i'm going to grant myself after reaching certain goal.

So, tables are two: GOALS and PRIZES.

from Goals: only important field is id_goal, as it is used in relationship.

from Prizes: id_goal, id_prize (autoenter serial number with abbreviation "PR" in front), prize, status.

I've got two layouts: One for prizes, another one for goals.

What i want to accomplish..

1) [via portal] be able to select prize in Goals layout (table occurence, which I'm having problems to set up) using a drop down list in a portal

After I "select" prize from a drop down list, it would then "enter" goal_id into Prizes table/layout, and it would be better to have it related correctly, so it would automatically update whether i change it in Goals layout.

2) somehow create "smart" list of prizes, so that i couldn't not take prizes, that are already assigned to other goals.

so, any ideas on creating that list?

and for relationships - do i need joined table? i rarely set those up myself, so I'm having trouble.