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Relationships and Layouts: only one record returned

Question asked by MarkSchwartz on Oct 31, 2010
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Relationships and Layouts: only one record returned


I have two tables:

GlobalTerms with a global field called CompanySearch

Invoices with with a field called Company.  

I created a relationship linking GlobalTerms:CompanySearch with Invoices:Company

I created a layout and in the layout setup I selected "Show records from:GlobalTerms"

I added the GlobalTerms:CompanySearch into the header so I could specify the company I was looking for.  In the body I added the fields from the invoice and selected "List View".

When I enter the Company Code into the GlobalTerms:CompanySearch I get the first invoice for that company displayed but none of the rest.  It works the same for what ever company I search on.  I get the first record returned but not all of them.

Any ideas?