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Relationships and portals.

Question asked by AlexRansome on Aug 1, 2012
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Relationships and portals.




I have three store rooms and an engineer can use a cable from each store for a task. 


The tasks are either A,B or C and they will come off the stock from rooms 1,2 or 3. 


When the engineer uses the cable they press a button and a script adds one unit to the "units out" field of the inventory template, effectively removing one from the stores. This works fine if I have one store room. 


But having three I though I could have 3 inventory tables and 3 stock transaction tables and 3 tabs showing the same layout with a portal and the button. 


I have 3 separate scripts for each of the store rooms, but when the button is pressed for room 2 it adds one to the "units out" of it's store room (good) and one to the "units out" of room 1 (bad) I haven't put the button on the last tab.


I thought it may be a relationship issue, so I removed the relationships. Now they are related via "ITEM ID Match Field" between the relevant Inventory table and the associated Stock Transaction table, but rooms 2 and 3 say <Unrelated Table>.


Any ideas???