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Relationships and Search

Question asked by Alex_Riva on Sep 26, 2009
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Relationships and Search




I designed a database in which o hotel sells accommodations to costumers. So I created a main table named 'voucher' with unique IDs.

I also have another table named 'rooms' which presents information about the rooms sold. They are connected to each other through a relationship (Voucher ID). The table 'rooms' is placed as a portal inside the 'Voucher'. So far it is working fine.


Now, I have a situation in which a tour operator can buy many rooms at once (to speed up the process). For example: (line No. 1) 2 Superior Rooms, (line 2) 5 Standard Rooms and so on. In this example, the 'rooms' table would have two lines.


However, I also needed a table that would present each room separately in each line. In this example, I would need 2 records with superior rooms and 5 records with standard rooms. All of this would be done automatically.


Any suggestions?