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Relationships based off date range

Question asked by JustinLevens on Feb 11, 2011
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Relationships based off date range


I'm attempting a create a relationship based off a date range.  According to the description of the relationship operators I would assume this is possible.  Table A consists of an assessment schedule for participants in a study and Table B consists of their survey data.  In table A I created two variables that essentially create the window for that assessment based off the scheduled date of completion.  Because the participant won't always complete the survey on the date it's scheduled there needs to be window.  The window dates are hard coded into the table using the scrpt to create the assessment schedule.  What I would like to happen is the survey data table the match the assessment schedule record based off the window dates.  So if the survey was completed on 2/13/2011 for participant 5555, the assessment window for participant 5555 for assessment 3 is 1/20/2011 to 2/22/2011, so because the survey was completed on 2/13/2011 for participant 5555 these records would be related.  However, it doesn't appear to be pulling the records.  Is this even possible and I'm understanding the relationship operators wrong?  Thanks.