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Relationships created - what now?

Question asked by dang on Mar 19, 2015
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Relationships created - what now?


There is a great 3 part tutorial on how relationships work, turning a many to many relationship into linked one to many, etc. But I can't figure out what is next. Or what search terms to use to figure out what's next.

I'm working on a student/class database. (There's even an example of the relationships for a student db used in the relationship tutorial). Now that I have my relationships set up, classes entered, and students entered, how do I let filemaker know that a student attended a class? I'm sure I shouldn't have to manually attach the student id to the class id.

The invoices database that is often used as an example works great, but there is SO MUCH going on with it that I can't figure out what's doing the basic work.

Does someone have an incredibly simple relational database that automatically joins two items so I could tinker with to see how it works? Or a couple search terms that I should be using to learn the next step. I'm assuming somewhere it has to do with portals or look ups? Any help would be very, very appreciated.