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    Relationships don't show in Layout



      Relationships don't show in Layout


      I have two tables: a Student table, listing all students, and an Attendance Table with fields relating to each month of the project.

      I want to enter the total attendance for each month for each student, with the Student ID and Names pulled from the Student table.

      I have related the "__pkStudentID" field in the Student table to the "_fkStudentID" field in the Attendance Table.

      In creating the Attendance Layout, I pull the "__pkStudentID" field onto the layout, along with Student Last and First Names from the Student table. I expect to see the 147 records and Student ID show up, but nothing happens. No relationship shows up.

      Your help is much appreciated. Thanks. Leecy

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          And what value is in the _fkStudentID field? It's the value of that field that will determine which student record supplies data to the record on your attendance layout. Often, the _fkStudentID field is formatted with a value list of student ID's and names so that you can select a student for a given attendance record.

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            Hi, Phil. So sorry. I didn't know you had responded! Thought I would be notified of a reply. My bad.

            You are right in the results I want. I'm not sure about how to set the value for a field so that it works correctly. Currently, both the _fkStudentID and the _pkStudentID fields are set as text. What should the be? I'm a struggling beginner, as you can tell. Thanks! Leecy

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              I see that I have never used the Value Lists section. Oh, my. Harder than I thought. If anyone has a link showing me how to relate tables so that the the student's ID, First Name and Last Name show up in all tables in the database.

              I have a Student Table, with all student info. Then I have Test Scores, Courses Taken, Certification Completed. All of those relate to the students listed in the Student Table. That way, when the data-entry person opens each layout, she can enter information for each student listed. The Parent table, has a _fkStudentID field that is related to the _fkStudentID in all the other tables. Wish there were tutorials with step by step instructions to relate those fields properly. Do I also have to relate the Last Name and First Name fields? Thanks, again for any help. Leecy


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                See the first example in this file: "Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional value lists". You are not dealing with a conditional value list, but the first exploration layout in this file deals with how to set up a "use values from field" value list and that is the typical value list (when first learning how to do this) for what you describe.

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                  Phil, I'm working through the instructions, step by step. Really appreciate what you do for us here. I'll let you know how things work out. Fingers crossed.

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                    I have two related tables: Students and Attendance

                    The Students table has 149 records.

                    I want the Attendance layout to list the student’s ID, First Name, and Last Name for all 149 students. When I add a new record in the Students table, I want it to show in the Attendance table.. (Same with all of the other tables I add: Courses and Certification

                    In the Layout for Attendance, I drag the “__pkStudentID,” “FirstName,” and “LastName” into the layout. Nothing happens.

                    I created a Value List, taking the FirstName and LastName from the Students list.

                    When I get into the Layout for Attendance, I don’t find a place to drag that list into the layout. Still lost.

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                      Tried to upload another image to show the layout, but I'm only allowed to enter one image, I guess. Here's how the value list shows in the Layout options. When I exit, no relationship shows. The field is blank.



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                        You would not format the last name field with a value list.

                        Put the _fkStudentID field on your layout.

                        With it selected, use the Inspector's data tab to set it up as either a drop down list or pop up menu that uses your new value list.

                        When you create a new record in attendance, use this field to select a student for that new attendance record.

                        I am assuming that you've set up a value list as specified in the AiF #1 file where field 1 is the value from __pkStudentID and a Name field (often a text field with an auto-enter calculation that combines first and last names in one field), for field 2.

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                          Thanks, Phil. AiF #1 file? Not sure, Phil.

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                            Ahh. Thanks. I'll go from there.