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Relationships For crying out loud

Question asked by kedikat on Mar 3, 2012
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Relationships For crying out loud


This is getting ridiculous. I have read various articles. Watched video tutorials. Searched all over.

But I cannot get the simplest relationship action to operate.

Is there a tutorial, for Filemaker, that shows a SIMPLE construction of two tables and making a working relationship? The video tutorial for "basic relationships" is not in the least basic. I have tried to populate fields via relationships between two stupidly simple tables. Nothing happens.


Table Names has fields nameID, and name. NameID is automatic serial unique. Name is just names. I have kept them unique during entry.

Table Phone has fields phoneID, nameID, name and number. PhoneID is automatic serial unique, name is a drop list generated from Names table, field name. numbers is numeric field.

I wish to select a name from the drop list and enter a phone number. The nameID should fill in via relationship. The saved record will have a unique phoneID, nameID can be repeated in this record, it will match the name and of course the number.

Seems simple enough. I have tried making the field name in Phone table a drop list. Works fine. But the nameID does not fill in. I have tried placing the field name from the Names table into the layout for Phone. Then the drop list does not work.

Etc, etc, etc.....

Does anyone know of a simple tutorial to enlighten me?