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Relationships help

Question asked by kurtnivy on May 20, 2011
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Relationships help


I have two tables in my filemaker file business.fp7.  One table is a customer table with contact info etc..  The second table is an invoice table.  I created in both tables a field called id_company.  In the contact table this field automatically generates a unique serial number to the contact when a new record is created..  I have a button on my contact form that says create invoice.

How do I click that button and have my invoice form open with the id_company field automatically populate the id_company field on my invoice form?

I built a relationship between the two table by joining the id_company fields to each other. 

I am not sure how to choose the right options in the invoice table for the id_company field since I want it to automatically transfer the id-company field info from the contact table.

And would I use a script for my button that needs to tell the filed to automatically transfer the field info.  As of now my script for the button that says create invoice is as simple as goto layout (Invoice) and create new record. That works but the id_company field info, I should probably be saying data, is not being automatically inserted into my id_company field on the invoice form.

I would much appreciate the help.