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Relationships in filemaker 9

Question asked by sannyasi on Jan 8, 2009
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Relationships in filemaker 9


I am trying to build a relationship between two sets of data and can't get it to work.

I have looked through the help files at various techniques but can't get anything to do what I need.

I think the trick will be in the relationship graph.


What I've done:


I have two tables of info. One set is "Shots" and the other is "Assets"

I have a field in "Assets" called "shotOwnership" and in a layout I have that field controlled via checkbox list based off a valuelist of every shots name(returning a list of every shot the asset lives in separated by carriage returns )

This gives me an asset centric view with a list of shots.

(ie. One asset and a list of shots to choose from)


What I need:


I want to keep this and add the option to switch to a shot centric view while maintaining the ability to select which assets belong to that shot.

(ie. One shot and a list of assets to choose from) 


These two list can not be independent from each other (a change in one happens in the other)


So for example I should be able to do this.


1. Go to asset centric view of asset "A"


2. Select shots "1, 5, 20, etc...."    


3. Go to the record of asset "B"


4. Select shots "2, 4, 20, etc...."     (my setup is working up to this point)


5. Then switch to the shot centric view of shot "1"


6. I should see a list of all assets with asset "A" already checked


7. Go to shot "2" and see asset "B" checked


8. Go to shot "20" and see asset "A" & "B" checked


9. In this view, check asset "C" as on


10. Go back to asset view, record "C" and shot "20" should be checked on.



Sorry if my explanation is long winded. I just wanted to be clear.

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction/tutorials/links.