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    Relationships in multiple databases



      Relationships in multiple databases


      I am trying to get up to speed with Filemaker 12 as the last databases that I built were in FMP 7.  I have two database files,  One labeled student Information, the other present level.  I have created the following fields in the student Information database:  StudentID (a number to be used for relationships), Last Name, First Name, Grade, along with some other demographic info.  In the Present Level database I have the following fields: StudentID (a number to be used for relationships), Last Name, First Name, Grade, Goals, and then some other fields that will show goals and progress toward these goals.  I am looking to create a relationship between the two databases that will pull then demographic info to the second database.  I set up a Relationship in the Student Information database with Student ID as my Key and then set up a second Relationship from the present level database.  I linked the studentID from both databases. On the Present Level database I created a field, choose from the Student Information table.   Nothing shows up in the field.  Any suggestions? 


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          You may find it simpler to bring the Present_Level table into the same file as Student_Info. This makes for simpler relationships and any scripting that moves from one table's data to the other will be simpler as well. Managing password access is also simpler as you have just one file to which to set up password access instead of two.

          I suspect that you use a separate file so that you can start over with an empty file each year. If so, there are alternative designs that do not require such separate files for the same data from different years.

          Working from your current design....

          In which file are you when you work with the Present_Level data? You can add layouts to your Student Info table that refer to Present_Level or you can use Layouts created in the Present_Level file. Which do you have?

          Your relationship also appears backwards in this screen shot. It shows a Many to one relationship, many students to one Present_Level record instead of a one to many or one to oen relationship. This suggests taht Student_Info::Student_ID is not defined as an auto-entered serial number as it should be.