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Relationships not always working in IWP

Question asked by jda76 on Mar 26, 2010
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Relationships not always working in IWP


I have (what I thought was) a simple solution set up.... a WebInterface file that connects to another file with multiple tables (contacts and orders):


WebInterface ----> Contacts ----> Orders


                                      id# -----------> id#


Ideally, a person logs in using their email address as their account name and then they see a list of their orders in a portal.

Instead the portal is always empty.  When I try to display just their contact info not in the portal, i get "file missing" in the fields.  This doesn't happen when using FM App.  In FM App, it all works beautifully.


Both files are set for IWP for all users and the accounts have full access priviliges.  What gives??

I can even acces the Contacts/Orders file directly through IWP, but not when related.


Couldn't find this answer on here elsewhere.  Thanks for any help!