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Relationships on tables

Question asked by CMT on Jun 14, 2009
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Relationships on tables




I used FileMaker during some years in the past, but never worked with relationships. Now I'm on a project for a sheet music library that is almost huge (about 500.000 titles), so saving disk space is crucial.


I really need a help on building this project.


I was thinking how to develop it, and I had my conclusions. That's what I got:


For the Composer Field (as an example), there would be a separated table. The fields on this table are 4:


1.Composer ID

2.Firt Name

3.Last Name

4.Full Name (this field is a sum of the last two above)


The problem is:


I don't know if it's possible to do the following: When creating a new record of a sheet music, in a "general" table, adding the composer name will add a new record on the Composer table?


Also, the ID must be serial number, and we can't keep memorizing all composer's IDs. Resuming: the ID must be stored on the "general" table record saving disk space, and It has to be found when typing the composer's name. At the same way: when the name is not found on composers table, the new record is automatically created.


If possible, any ideas on how do do it? 


Thanks in advance for everyone who took some time to read this.