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Relationships problem

Question asked by xtremu on Jan 25, 2012
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Relationships problem


 Hi guys,

I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced and I am started to develop a simple enrollment system. I am still beginner in Filemaker especially in scripting and for making good relationships. I have two tables now and I want to start from the scratch so that I will fully understand everything specially the relationships of one table to another table.

Tables:  1. Student = table of student/s information with pkStud_ID (Number-auto serial-)

                Fields: pkStud_ID (number-auto serial)

                           StudFirst, StudLast, etc..

                2. Subject = table of subject/s information with pkSub_ID (Number only)

              Fields: pkSub_ID (number)

                          SubSection, Description, time, days, etc..

Relationships: Student::pkStud_ID = Subject::pkSub_ID

I have already the data in my Student Table, also in my Subject table, I have 6 layout, layout for the Registrar to Add student, student list view,  Subject to add subject/s, Print student to finally print the student report, Block section to view the block section ready to print and the Free Section layout to select subject/s before printing.

I have Student List View button to go to the student list view layout then go to Print Student layout for final printing but before printing I want to add subject/s that I want from the Free Section Layout. In Free Section Layout I have different Courses and corresponding subjects, if my course is BS Accountancy then all subjects are available and it’s up for the student to select it. After selection it will add to the fields that provided below the student information and up to the maximum units allowed then ready to print.

1. My problem is I cannot figure out the script to add the subject/s when I click it from the Free Section Layout to go to the Print Student. Please help.

2. Another problem is when I click the Block section Button I want the Student Information appeared in the Block section layout with fixed Subjects below and ready to print. Any suggestion please

Thanks for the big help..