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Relationships Tab

Question asked by RandySandberg on Jun 6, 2014
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Relationships Tab


     I feel like a missed something between version 12 and 13. The behavior of the Relationships Tab seems strange to me. I can no longer drag a table occurrence and in the process make the graph window larger. I even feel like this happened with the most recent 13.0v3 update. I didn't notice this with prior versions. I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced.

     This is a MAJOR pain for me if I am working on a large project. Because the graph window does not enlarge, the only way I can move and arrange table occurrences below the area that the window allows is to reduce the magnification (zoom) level to less than 100%. This of course also means that if I need to go back and make a change to any table occurrence outside of the window I must again reduce the magnification level.

     I searched for an answer for this but didn't find one, which leads me to think that it is something with my system. If this were a bug someone would have posted about it by now I'm sure. I am using Windows 8..1 and the latest 13.0v3 of FileMaker Pro Advanced. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.