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Relationships, Globals, and 'or'

Question asked by daveslc on Jun 26, 2010
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Relationships, Globals, and 'or'


I need to create a relationship on two tables - Events and SummaryInfo

The first has events with a start date.

But, sometimes the field with the start date is empty (e.g. an ongoing event).


I need a relationship that includes all events with dates in a given date range or events that have a blank "" start date and allows me to access related records from Events in the SummaryInfo table occurence.


I created a calculation field (EventRangeCalc) that returns a 1 or a 0 depending on the above condition.


But, since I am using a global for the start and end date and am using this in the calculation, I cannot establish a relationship between the two tables.  (The crows feet don't connect.)


The relationship I am using is SummaryInfo::One to Events::EventRangeCalc  where One is a global that is set to 1.


Are there any tricks to circumventing this?


The problem, I think is that I have a global on one side and a calculation that uses globals on the other side.  But, I don't see a way to circumvent this.


I may try a script instead, but a calculation would be better if it's possible.