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Relationships, multiple tables.........

Question asked by craig5005 on Jul 22, 2009
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Relationships, multiple tables.........


Sorry... I couldn't think of a better Subject for this thread.


I can't think of a solution to a problem I have encountered, so I hope someone might have an idea.


Basically... I have a table of boxes, and a table of consumable items... we would like to be able to put the consumable items into the boxes.  We have successfully done this with equipment, however the consumable data is different as each item is not it's own record.  The consumable data is organized as each type of item is a record, and we have a quantity field for each (the equipment table was one record for one piece of equipment).


Is there a way to 'put' consumable items into the boxes and list the quantity in the box... and to make it more complicated, some consumable items will be in multiple boxes.  For example, in box 1 we have 4 rolls of tape, in box 2 we have 10 rolls of the same tape (same record in the consumable table).


Any thoughts?