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Relationships/lookups linking to wrong fields

Question asked by caitcreates on Sep 15, 2011
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Relationships/lookups linking to wrong fields


I am somewhat new to FMP, especially FMP 11.  I am trying to set up three databases with relationships from one database to the other two.  I am including a screenshot to my relationships.

I have three databases:  yarn info, inventory, and people.  I am trying to link yarn info to inventory using the the relationship of Color Number to Color number.  I would like to run a lookup from inventory to yarn info which will give me a pop-up menu of color numbers from yarn info into color numbers in inventory.  Also in the inventory database, I would like to perform a lookup from the people database from the rav name field in people to the received from field of inventory.  Again, I would like inventory to have a pop-up menu of choices generated by the people database ravname field.

I think I have that set up correctly.  In the inventory fields, I have set up the Color Number to be a lookup field (yarn info::color number).  In the same Manage Database window, I have set Received From as a lookup field (people::rav name).

However, when I create a new record in the inventory database, neither the Color Number nor the Received from fields have pop-up lists.  They are indicated as pop-up lists, but there are no values in the lists.

I don't know what I've done wrong.  Can anyone help?