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      I am trying to get have a field after data is entered perform a lookup value from a related table to  fill in 2 other fields


      I have a layout that has 4 catagories designed: Complainant, Witness, Respondent and Complaining Witness.


      Each catagory has the same same fields setup for 3 repetitions: Employee#, First Name, Last Name....Example of fields ResFirstName, ResEmployee#, ComEmployee#


      I have another layout that has: Employee's ID#, First Name Last Name stored. I have set the relationships so that its employee# field is related to my 4 other employee# fields in the original layout. I have made all of the FirstName, LastName fields a lookup



      When I place an employee# in one field it places it into all fields in each catagory 



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          Thank you for your post.


          It sounds like you have one Employee ID# field.  If you enter information into that one field, anywhere else that field exists will display the same information.  Therefore, you may want to have four separate Employee ID # fields.  One for Complainant, one for Witness, one for Respondent, and one for Complaining Witness.  Then, when you enter the Employee ID# for the Witness, it will only show up once.  Does that make sense?



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