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    Relative image reference problem, please help



      Relative image reference problem, please help


      Hi guys,


      When I try to access a remote file hosted by Filemaker Server using Filemaker 9 Pro Advanced, the images don't dispaly. I used the "store reference" option when I was designing the solution so those images could be loaded dynamically instead of overloading the solution. Everything works fine when you read the file locally, but when you try to read it from its FM server location, it doesn't show images. All images stored in a foled named "images".


      Does anyone have a clue how to fix this


      Thanks a lot

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          I'm no help whatsoever, here, Invectus, unless it is just to make you feel better.  Just yesterday I got remote access to work, and was thrilled.  Unfortunately the sample file I chose to share... had images stored by reference only.  Exactly like your experience, the images show up perfectly on the host file, but show as 'Cannot find image...' on the remote PC.


          If there is any testing I can help with I'll happily chip in.



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            Thank you for your post.


            As you discovered, when you store an image by reference, it stores the entire path of where the file is located.  If you create a calculation field resulting in text which is equal to the container field, you will see the path information.  For example, on one of container fields on my Macintosh, the calculation field displays:




            imagemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/TSGalDesktop/test.jpg


            However, one of the other references is to an iDisk Public Folder, and the contents are similar:






            Therefore, in a Mac environment, if you have either the server or public folder loaded on your hard drive, you will be able to see the images.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              I truly hope you don't think I'm waiting around to jump onto file reference threads for Mac's...but...




              This does not work.  I've tried it every single way there is to try it (except the right one of course:() and if the file is on the server, Mac's will not open it with a stored pathname.  Been there, done that, got the scars.


              If I'm way off base, please walk step by step how to open an image and/or .pdf file from a server using a mac:

              1. path name conventions and how to determine the correct pathname

              2. what circumstances must be in place for it to work (prior connection to the network, log to network before opening FMP, dancing a hula and barking your shins on a drawer, etc.)

              3. what script command

              4. what specific setting within that command

              5. other necessary settings within or without FMP

              6. what stars must be aligned, and from which continent they must be viewed.


              hopefully the frustration is not ENTIRELY confusing the question...ahem....{please}

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                This is what I have done....


                1. Created a database with the following two fields:


                IMAGE (Container)

                CALC (Calculation - Text) = Image


                2. I have a JPG image entitled Test.jpg.


                3. In the first record, I put my cursor in IMAGE, pulled down the Insert menu and selected "Picture..."


                4. I inserted Test.jpg from the desktop.


                5. The contents of CALC state:





                Imagemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/TSGal/Desktop/Test.jpg


                6. I loaded a server onto my desktop, and placed Test.jpg into one of the folders.


                7. I created a new record, and inserted Test.jpg from the server.


                8. The contents of CALC state:






                9. I opened my iDisk and placed Test.jpg in there.


                10. I then opened another person's iDisk Public Folder, and entered my iDisk name.


                11. I created a new record in the database, and inserted Test.jpg from the Public Folder.


                12. The contents of CALC state:






                13. I now have three records with the exact same image.  One from the local drive, one from a shared server, and one from a Public folder.


                14. I turn on Network Sharing.


                15. I go to another machine, launch FileMaker Pro and open the test file remotely.  There are three records, and I cannot see the image in any of the three records.  I close the file.


                16. I make the server available on my desktop.


                17. I open the Public Folder.


                18. I reopen the file remotely, and now I see images in both record 2 (server) and record 3 (Public Folder).  Naturally, I cannot see the image in record 1 since it was local to the host machine.


                Let me know if you are doing something differently, and I will try it here.



                FileMaker, Inc.