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    Relinking Reference Photos



      Relinking Reference Photos




      I uploaded hundreds of photos into my database as "reference pictures" only, meaning the pictures are not contained in the database itself, but instead reference photos from my hard drive. If I switch to a new computer that has all of the same photos, is there a way that I can "reconnect" or "re-link" photos by telling filemaker where to find them on the new system? As it is now, when I open the database on the other computer, all of my reference pictures say "photo missing."  Do I have to manually re-post each picture? There must be another way...


      Please help!


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          Method 1: rename drives and directories on your new computer so that the path to your photos is the same.


          Method 2: Use a script to update all your paths in all your containers to point to the new location.


          To see the paths actually stored in your container fields, create a calculation field set to return text and enter the name of the container field as its expression.


          Once you understand how to update the paths in each record you can use a script something like this:


          Show All records

          Replace Field Contents [No dialog; yourtable::yourcontainer field; <Your text expression to modify the path>]