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Relogin with IWP

Question asked by rgnant_1 on May 17, 2012
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Relogin with IWP


We are designing a database to be hosted on an offsite server.  Most users will log into a website and be auto redirected to the database.  Some users will have FM installed and will access the db directly.  All website directed users will enter as Guest.

Account names and passwords are kept in a table accessible only by the Administrator.  They are currently set up as global fields.

Trying to design a mechanism whereby the IWP  users can upgrade their accounts.

The attached script works perfectly when in FM, but when using the http://192…… to test IWP,  the account name remains Guest.  When using Script Debugger, the script moves over the Relogin step to reset the Login Message field, but the account name doesn’t change.  Stays as Guest.

Suggestions are most welcome.