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Relook Up field based on Conditional relationship

Question asked by shona1 on Apr 29, 2014
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Relook Up field based on Conditional relationship


     In my Database I have TO based on the relationship between 2 tables conditions being met as noted below

RentalLines::AgeGroup = Prices::AgeGroup AND
RentalLines::Days = Prices::Days AND
RentalLines::Dept = Prices::Dept AND
RentalLInes::BootCode = Prices::BootCode

The result gives me the correct price in the RentalLines Portal from the Price Table for each item rented. RentalLines is a portal within the RentalCard Table, the relationship is working fine unless the NoDaysPaid are changed on the rental card.  

This is because the  "RentalLines::Days" is a actually calculation field, unstored, from "Rental Card::NoDaysPaid".

How do I force it to relook up the Price when the No.of Days is Changed.