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Relookup Not Working

Question asked by MichaelHart on Oct 7, 2014
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Relookup Not Working


This should be simple but I'm having trouble getting Lookup fields to work.

I have 2 tables (Contacts and Artists) each has it's unique ID-field (auto-enter serial-number, no-modification) and each has a corresponding Lookup ID field (number, modifiable) pointing to the other's ID field, in the Lookup dialogue. The tables are related as follows: Contacts::Contact_ID = Artists::Contact_ID and Artists::Artist_ID = Contacts::Artist_ID and Contacts::Lastname = Artists::Lastname and Contacts::Firstname = Artists::Firstname. 

I want to use the Lookups in each table to lookup the ID values in the other. When I do a Records/Relookup, no data is exchanged. The blank fields remain blank and no records are updated.

I've double-checked for spelling differences, extra spaces, etc., but found none. I read all the posts on Lookups and nothing there has helped.