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relookup....calculation field

Question asked by johnf_2 on Jan 17, 2014
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relookup....calculation field


     I upgraded to FMP 11 and I'm having an issue with a relookup script command.  In the old version it worked fine but it doesn't now.  It looks up a calculation field and in fmp help it said the follow:

     "caluculations fields cannot be used for the Relookup field contents command.  If you use the Relookup field conents command, and you're using a calculation field as the matching value, you must specify one of the input fields for the calculation as the field parameter for the Relookup field contents."

     After reading this I thought it was still possible to relookup a cacluation field but I don't understand this sentence: " you must specify on the input fields for the calcuation as the field parameter for the relookup field contents."

     What I thought it meant was that I need to incorporate the destination field (the lookup field) into the calcuation field.  I did this but it still doesn't work.  My issue is that this looks up values for several recoreds at once and populates accordingly. 

     If someone could help me out and either point me in right direction or explain an entirely new way to do this that would be great.  Thanks.