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remaining lines in layout

Question asked by T.Siwitza on Aug 13, 2013
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remaining lines in layout


     I created an input mask for a database with a layout, let's call it reference layout. With the first click of a new record (regardless which field) in this reference lay-out, dotted outlines appear around some of the other fields. (I mention some, as not on all. And I cannot find the discriminating element in the make-up of such two fields by comparison) They are all fields that are either filled or calculated in an other layout (let's call it the original layout) and I use them here as reference. In the same reference layout I add new information, i.e. new fields. Obviously I'd like to get rid of these dotted lines ...

     As an afterthought and test, I realised that in cases where I used pick-lists (drop-down menues) in the original input layout, I still can modify the content of these picklists in the reference layout. That was not the idea of references. Although I can see the logic, why this is happening, I do not understand of how to prevent the modification of selected fields only in the reference layout.

     Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


     ps: I'll add a screenshots to illustrate the undesired lines for one field, while the other three are apparently of identical make