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Remember Position in drop down list

Question asked by jungovox on Dec 4, 2013
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Remember Position in drop down list


     Drop down list of 3000 skus (item ids)

     with version 11 you could select a item in a drop down list - (and quickly by typing to get to/near the item)

     and when we clicked on that list again - the list would pop up TO where the last item was alphabetically - most handy when all up similar items

     When we upgraded to 12 this feature went away and now always goes back to the top of the list .... if you scroll down to the ' ...' (about 4 'pages' down ) you can jump to the and select that you can jump back to the last item.

     Our users still grip about this ... "Why won't it remember where I was"

     apparently this has not changed in 13  

     can anyone suggest a work around to REMEMBER where the user WAS in the drop down menu -
     is there a 'go to' sku on a list script step that I am missing - (perhaps I could capture a variable and they use it when the user clicks on the list again)